Chicken and Lentils, Freekeh & Beans Soup

With the cold weather setting in and the need for something a healthier, this hearty soup will do the trick!  I generally feel hungry about an hour after eating soup, unless there is warm bread involved.  Because of the superblend mix, this really fills me up.

It was inspired by McKenzies Chicken and Kale soup.

Ham and Cannellini Bean Fritters

Every year at Christmas we buy a big ham, and after what seems like a lifetime of eating it, I am always looking for ways to make it into something.  This year, I have been inspired by a recipe I found on Delicious.

I am always looking for ways to make things that are tasty, a bit better for you can can also can be pulled together easily with ingredients you might have in your pantry. Plus, I want to make sure it gets eaten, or at least tried by my daughter.

This one hit the spot.  Cannelloni beans were on sale, we already all of the other ingredients, so it was super budget friendly.

The prep time seems daunting, I know, but I timed myself, as a home cook, rather than someone with amazing knife skills.  The 55 mins includes the 10 mins chilling time, and the cooling time for the onion.

Banana choc chip muffins

Is anyone else that has a family that loves bananas so much one week, but will refuse to eat them the following week?  Plus since it is summer here in Australia, they ripen very quickly.  I hate to waste food, so muffins are a quick solution that are also super tasty, and can be frozen for some portion control (hahaha)


Zucchini Slice

Blueberry and White Chocolate Rolled Oats Biscuits

Localised from the baker

Ham and Potato Soup

Recipe adapted from: Dinner then dessert

Iowa Ham Balls

Localised by moms with Australian ingredients and temperatures

Tomato Risotto

Vegetable Slice

Butternut Snap Rudolph Biscuits

These adorable biscuits will be gone almost as soon as they hit the Christmas party table!

Sweet potato choc chip muffins

Homemade muesli slice

Maple and mustard pretzel mix

Donna Hay magazine.

Cherry Ripe Biscuits

This recipe comes from the Woman’s Weekly Biscuits and Slices mini collection

Lolly Banana Slice

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